Multichannel Real-time Interactions

Moving beyond facebook has become a mission for me on helping dealers obtain an even greater understanding of Automotive Social Networking and Reputation Management.  Real-Time interactions are one of the key elements in making profits through any social networking community that is implemented into your Digital Marketing routine.  I have published articles in the past, that have talked about Processes and Procedures that are created around the current culture of your store, the online behavior of your guest and the message you want your customers to receive.  Multi-Channel Interactions offers an opportunity for the dealer to implement and/or correct the team’s ability to connect with your guest through all available channels. 

It’s no secret. Your customers want to interact with you on their terms—how and when they prefer. Regardless of whether they call your toll-free number, send you an email, hit you on facebook, tweet or initiate a chat session with a service representative; they expect that you will respect their time and effort by resolving their issues or needs. Understanding this is not enough. You need to deliver. We Are BDC has compiled a series or processes, online tools, technology, procedures and the Human Element 

Most of us as dealers have already begun our Social Networking efforts, we have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube….but my two questions are;

  1. How you interacting with your customers through these alternative sources?
  2. How you driving OTB’s to your dealership?

There are several available options and/or tools online in which we can obtain for free through just simple connect and downloads that would aide us in real-time interactions with our social efforts.  These online connections though apps would link back to our dealership’s CRM, email and BDC….allowing us the opportunity to communicate with our guest Right Where They Are! 

Automotive strategic marketing tactics and branding are a good start, but dealers need to continue to innovate to bring their traditional and digital marketing efforts together, and to bring this converged experience to your online and social shoppers. How often do we see our websites and other digital profiles out of sync with our customer’s online shopping experience? Shoppers view a brand from all angles, and they notice such discrepancies. When we as dealers do not provide an enhancement or a uniquely differentiated experience to buying online, what will keep the customers coming in? 

Online car shoppers also have new tools for almost instant communications, such as mobile phone applications that receive their Social Updates from Facebook, Twitter and others!  When was the last time your current internet team sent an email response through a customer’s Facebook or Twitter profile or do they even know how? Have we begun a reconcile or verification process of which one of our guest our even on Facebook, twitter or any social site that we are plugged into or have you become like most dealers, where 50% or more of your friends/fans are other dealers?…….Our social efforts kind of mimic our traditional efforts when it comes to marketing, remember the old saying 



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