The Neighborhood Initiative

The mission of The Neighborhood Initiative is to stimulate a community and brand driven virtual neighborhood. We Are BDC facilitates customer, employee and community participation that fully engages your customers to react. Our team promotes Your brands, your services and community partnerships that result in a catalytic community of Right Now Buyers and supporters of your brand.. We create small groups and networks around the culture of your business and the community you already service, which bring life to those who come and speak to them inside of their life style processes. We move people from social networking websites towards growing and serving by initiating an authentic community based Neighborhood Initiative.

Think on This; What will happen if you as a brand don’t create an online social community for your fans? What about a portal where your brand fans can gather and you can facilitate them with the latest news about your products? A spot where fans can generate their own ideas or follow the discussions around your brand? Welcome To The Neighborhood!!

The Neighborhood Initiative is a social network created on Ning to provide customer and peer-to-peer support and experiences. And not only a brand fan page, but also a direct connect to popular social sites and a Twitter account where you can join up and discuss further.

The Neighborhood Initiatives are great opportunities for brands to turn their brand fans into brand advocates. We Are BDC implements online processes and procedures designed around Human Behavior and engage your customers with content, ask their opinion, join the conversations and help turn your fans into ambassadors. And brand advocates are everywhere, amongst your co-workers, your family, your friends and they are 10 times more trusted than your brand, telling them you’re the best


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