About Dr. Elam

Dr. Harold Elam Jr is a Philadelphia native, graduate of Overbrook Senior High School, Class of 1985. Completed undergraduate at UC Irvine in California…and received his Doctorate in Philosophy from University of Canterbury. Started his teaching career in 1995 with Fayetteville State University, took a summer position with Leith Automotive Group……and never looked back. He is the Founder and managing partner for We Are BDC, located in Fayetteville, North Carolina and one of the pioneers of ASNM (automotive social networking managment) Automotive E-Marketing and Automotive Business Development. Dr. Elam has over 16 real years of direct automotive, management and internet experience, and has grown to become an icon among local Automotive Dealers. Ask Dr. Elam websites are in great demand among consumers and dealers nation wide. He also received his Doctorate in Systematic Theology from Universal Ministries, and serves as a minister in his local church, Unity Christian Fellowship.

You can visit Ask Dr. Elam online, Click Here or call direct (910) 263-8844 Before You Buy!!


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