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Meet Shaneillle Ulmer-Marketing Director (via )

Meet Shaneillle Ulmer-Marketing Director Meet Shaneille Ulmer,Marketing Director. Shaneille,25, comes from Dickinson, ND originally. In Shaneille's hobbies include sports, arts & crafts, home improvement projects, lake & river activities, NDSU Bison, and spending time with friends & family. Shaneille attended NDSU where she received her bachelors degree in public relations and advertising, and  a minor in Art. She is a board member for Junior Achievement, co-chair of  United … Read More



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We Are BDC – Home Of The Neighborhood

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Social Media Sales – Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

Business Development Firm – We Are BDC is seeking to employ 10 additional professionals for our Social Media sales division. Our company markets a complete series of Social Networking & Reputation management solutions that are now made available for the automotive industry. Our company currently has Dealer Partners through-out the US, and the need for Managed Services for the local automotive dealer is on the rise.


The available positions are part of the company’s Pilot Program for the recent launch of Neighborhood Dealers, a community base economic virtual program designed to help consumers and local automotive dealers collaborate online inside of a social environment – Before They Buy. Professionals seeking to apply for the available positions must have Social Networking knowledge (Facebook-Twitter-YouTube-MySpace, etc.)…how to navigate through social websites.


SMS (Social Media Sales) will be responsible to responding to emails, making follow-up calls, launching creative marketing campaigns, via Blogs, Fan pages, twitter. SMS will contact automotive executives directly to open an opportunity to utilize the available managed services. SMS is an Office In The Box position, so available candidates can work from home or office in their local area.


Most sales contacts are done over the phone, the web, via Social Sites and email. There will be times when SMS will have to visit the dealership to make a presentation or to speak directly with the executive. Must have a creative outlook, good hand writing and spelling capabilities, knowledge of Microsoft products (Word-Excel-Power-Point, etc.) Visit us Online @ or email

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Facebook Changes – Better For Dealers – Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

To All Dealer Partners – Facebook announced major changes this weekend to the design and functionality of its Pages, bringing them closer to individual user profiles in look and functionality. We Are BDC is excited about these updates, as they will improve the ability of our dealer partners to connect better with their customers. The changes impact the user experience visually, giving a more compelling look and feel to Pages; functionally, allowing the dealer’s Fan Pages and Dealership Pages to operate more the way individual users do; but also by greatly increasing your ability for We Are BDC to help you build a richer application experiences using iFrames. In addition to having applications that perform better, dealers will also have greater flexibility in the way they name them.



The changes go into effect for all Facebook Pages on March 10, which allows you four weeks to preview the new format and switch over at any time before then. Have any questions or need additional resources contact We Are BDC or Dr. Elam, he has made himself available to help Dealer Partners and their teams through the process. The changes will certainly enhance the visibility, access to, and effectiveness of any of the managed applications you or we have implemented, but it’s important to learn how they work in order to make the most of this exciting new look and feel. Below is a short summary of the changes, many of which We Are BDC expected:


1-Photo strip above the Wall
2-Tabs move over to the left panel, in the form of a list
3-Profile picture reduced from 200 x 600 pixels to 180 x 540
4-Blurb box that was below the Page picture moved to info tab
5-Pages can Like other Pages, not just favorite them
6-Featured Pages and Admins
7-Page category
8-Choice for Wall posts between “Everyone” and Page posts only
9-Mutual Friends and Interests section
10-Ability to interact on Facebook as your Page
11-Ability for admins to post and comment around the site under their Page’s alias
12-News feed of updates from Liked Pages
13-Pages can now feature iFrame tab applications
14-Email notifications when users post or comment


As A Reminder: You can preview the new layout but once you upgrade,

there is no way to revert back to the old design.


Photo Strip Instead of Tabs Above the Wall
The replacement of tabs with the photo strip at the top adds a dynamic, colorful element that will significantly improve the look of the average Dealer’s Facebook Page. The photos are drawn from the most recent ones you posted to your Wall and those you tagged, but does not include photos posted by fans. Users can hide undesirable photos. The new left nav placement of tabs also allows for longer tab names.


Expanded Functionality For Fan Page Admins
By enabling Fan Page admins to comment in the name of the page itself and to interact with other Fan pages, Facebook has finally made it possible for dealers to truly engage in tremendous interactive engine which powered its growth among individuals. Your power as a page administrator is increased in a number of other ways, including the ability to set filters on your Wall so that visitors see relevant posts first, and to view all the content and get notices whenever someone posts to your wall.



Dealer Partners
Overall, the changes announced this weekend represent a huge advance in the ability for We Are BDC to help our Dealer Partners to create rich, individualized experiences for their audiences, which means enhanced functionality in all the applications you’re used to using and a far more engaging experience on Facebook overall. Still, we recommend that you preview the new look by clicking preview at the top of your Page before making the changes, as you will not be able to go back once you’ve made the update .

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Before You Buy – Make Us An Offer – North Carolina Neighborhoods


There has never been, until NOW!! And what a great opportunity for consumers to engage in real time conversation about purchasing, servicing or leasing a vehicle. Neighborhood Dealers is a community based virtual portal designed to help consumers, dealers and manufactures have true dialogue on the automotive industry. This site is not designed to have a beat-up session, but real conversations, questions and concerns on products, financing, safety and more.


Neighborhood Dealers encourage folk to get involved…Before You Buy, Service or Lease your next vehicle. We have connected with some of the best automotive minds in the business, along with some very anal consumers…who demand not only quality products, but also quality service…before and after the sale!! The Neighborhood Dealer Project is the brain child of Dr. Harold Elam Jr Social Networking and Automotive Guru!! Before You Buy, has become the talk of the internet, people from all walks of life enjoy the opportunity to ask not only questions about buying….but also about servicing, parts, body work and insurance.


Neighborhood Recommended Chevrolet Dealer

Jeff Gordon Chevrolet

228 S. College Road,

Wilmington, NC 28403


There is no question to small, too silly or to hard…when you have a group of people like The Neighborhood Dealer Project has gathered…..The Door Is Always Open. We realize that there may be something we forgot to mention, this is why we are asking you to get involve public opinion works and it will help make your Neighborhood Dealers better for you and for them. We want your honest feedback, Good, Bad or indifferent…Give It All To Us and share this information with your friends, have a recommendation about a business, or a concern post your comments write a blog or just release your thoughts online.


Follow Us On Facebook

Make Us An Offer

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North Carolina – Follow The Shift

North Carolina Neighborhoods is a virtual community based program designed around the Neighborhoods in North Carolina. We encourage members to take pride in their neighborhood and the cities, for which they live, whether you are in Charlotte or Raeford members have the opportunity to post information, photos, community events, write blogs and more!! The North Carolina Neighborhood Community is a Totally Free websites for North Carolina residents and their families, the theme of the program is to receive real-time inside information on Building A Better North Carolina, One Neighborhood at a time.

The North Carolina Neighborhood Project focuses on the individual city in which each of our members live, groups have been created on the basis of Building A Better Neighborhood through community interaction, suggestions, comments and concerns. There is no limit on the information you may wish to share, photos and videos you want to upload or blogs you want to write…get started Right Now. North Carolina Neighborhoods is a Family Site, so the one thing that we will not tolerate is pornography, explicit language and/or nudity of any kind!

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Special Finance – We Are BDC

Our Managed Services for Special Finance is dedicated to the nonprime/subprime credit spectrum for the Automotive Dealership. S.F. Managed Services and S.F. Training Programs are overseen by Mr. Haywood Holt, President/Founder of Auto Agent, which is our business partner. Mr. Holt also holds the position of CFO for We Are BDC, LLC.

Auto Agent and Holt have dedicated years of experience and available resources to the sector of the auto lending industry for borrowers with a limited or tainted credit history. Special Financing in the auto finance industry can be risk based for Dealer Partners. Our S.F. Managed  and Training Programs are designed to help eliminate the risk for our Dealer Partners. Financial statistics show over 75% of automotive buyers fall into the less than perfect credit category nationwide.  Our Dealer Partners who offer Subprime financing are capturing those online consumers needing secondary finance, and benefiting from the profit margins realized from this growing market. We help direct this segment of the market to your dealership and manage the leads.


Whether it is called Special Finance, Secondary Finance, Subprime Finance, 2nd Chance Finance, it all boils down to the same thing – Imperfect Credit! Our programs includ, but not limited to;

Complete Subprime Department Setup and management (if needed)
1. Online marketing programs that increase business
2. Inventory management and aged programs
3. Bank signing
4. Secondary sales training
5. Virtual subprime event sales
6. Deal structure and profit training
7. Guaranteed Credit approval on EVERY customer
8. Stip collection and quick funding
9. Hispanic sales
10. Subprime revamp

We don’t sell leads – we help you sell cars.

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