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There has never been, until NOW!! And what a great opportunity for consumers to engage in real time conversation about purchasing, servicing or leasing a vehicle. Neighborhood Dealers is a community based virtual portal designed to help consumers, dealers and manufactures have true dialogue on the automotive industry. This site is not designed to have a beat-up session, but real conversations, questions and concerns on products, financing, safety and more.


Neighborhood Dealers encourage folk to get involved…Before You Buy, Service or Lease your next vehicle. We have connected with some of the best automotive minds in the business, along with some very anal consumers…who demand not only quality products, but also quality service…before and after the sale!! The Neighborhood Dealer Project is the brain child of Dr. Harold Elam Jr Social Networking and Automotive Guru!! Before You Buy, has become the talk of the internet, people from all walks of life enjoy the opportunity to ask not only questions about buying….but also about servicing, parts, body work and insurance.


Neighborhood Recommended Chevrolet Dealer

Jeff Gordon Chevrolet

228 S. College Road,

Wilmington, NC 28403


There is no question to small, too silly or to hard…when you have a group of people like The Neighborhood Dealer Project has gathered…..The Door Is Always Open. We realize that there may be something we forgot to mention, this is why we are asking you to get involve public opinion works and it will help make your Neighborhood Dealers better for you and for them. We want your honest feedback, Good, Bad or indifferent…Give It All To Us and share this information with your friends, have a recommendation about a business, or a concern post your comments write a blog or just release your thoughts online.


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North Carolina – Follow The Shift

North Carolina Neighborhoods is a virtual community based program designed around the Neighborhoods in North Carolina. We encourage members to take pride in their neighborhood and the cities, for which they live, whether you are in Charlotte or Raeford members have the opportunity to post information, photos, community events, write blogs and more!! The North Carolina Neighborhood Community is a Totally Free websites for North Carolina residents and their families, the theme of the program is to receive real-time inside information on Building A Better North Carolina, One Neighborhood at a time.

The North Carolina Neighborhood Project focuses on the individual city in which each of our members live, groups have been created on the basis of Building A Better Neighborhood through community interaction, suggestions, comments and concerns. There is no limit on the information you may wish to share, photos and videos you want to upload or blogs you want to write…get started Right Now. North Carolina Neighborhoods is a Family Site, so the one thing that we will not tolerate is pornography, explicit language and/or nudity of any kind!

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Special Finance – We Are BDC

Our Managed Services for Special Finance is dedicated to the nonprime/subprime credit spectrum for the Automotive Dealership. S.F. Managed Services and S.F. Training Programs are overseen by Mr. Haywood Holt, President/Founder of Auto Agent, which is our business partner. Mr. Holt also holds the position of CFO for We Are BDC, LLC.

Auto Agent and Holt have dedicated years of experience and available resources to the sector of the auto lending industry for borrowers with a limited or tainted credit history. Special Financing in the auto finance industry can be risk based for Dealer Partners. Our S.F. Managed  and Training Programs are designed to help eliminate the risk for our Dealer Partners. Financial statistics show over 75% of automotive buyers fall into the less than perfect credit category nationwide.  Our Dealer Partners who offer Subprime financing are capturing those online consumers needing secondary finance, and benefiting from the profit margins realized from this growing market. We help direct this segment of the market to your dealership and manage the leads.


Whether it is called Special Finance, Secondary Finance, Subprime Finance, 2nd Chance Finance, it all boils down to the same thing – Imperfect Credit! Our programs includ, but not limited to;

Complete Subprime Department Setup and management (if needed)
1. Online marketing programs that increase business
2. Inventory management and aged programs
3. Bank signing
4. Secondary sales training
5. Virtual subprime event sales
6. Deal structure and profit training
7. Guaranteed Credit approval on EVERY customer
8. Stip collection and quick funding
9. Hispanic sales
10. Subprime revamp

We don’t sell leads – we help you sell cars.

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Honda, Ford surpass Toyota as most reliable cars in 2010 | The Weekly Driver

Massive recalls severely hurt Toyota sales in the past 18 months and  thus relinquished the country’s former most reliable automaker to third place behind Honda and Ford, according to Consumer Reports.

Honda rank in first place with 25 percent of car owners participating in the magazine’s survey naming the manufacturer with the best quality. Ford finished second with 23 percent, while Toyota finished third at 19 percent, 11 percent less than last year.

Toyota’s reputation plummeted in 2009 and 2010 and it paid nearly $50 million in fines last year to federal safety regulators for failing to promptly inform regulators of defects in its vehicles and delaying recalls.

Chevrolet (19 percent) placed fourth in reliability while Mercedes-Benz (15 percent) was fifth.

Despite Toyota’s third place in quality rankings, it still scored the highest in overall brand perception, a composite ranking of safety, quality, value, performance, environmentally friendliness, design/style and technology/innovation.

Toyota (147 points) edged Ford (144) points in the “overall brand perception” because of its industry reputation as “environmentally friendly,” according to a magazine spokesperson.

In terms of value, Ford (25 percent) lead this list, followed by Honda (24 percent) Toyota (23 percent), Hyundai (17 percent) and Chevrolet (15 percent).

Ford, which had a sales increase of 16.7 percent in 2010, outsold Toyota in the United States in 2010 for the first time since 2006. Toyota’s had 15.2 percent decrease in sales in 2010.

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Inventory Management – We Are BDC


Our inventory management tool which is powered by AutoLibrium offers simple and cost effective tools for each Dealer Partner and/or Consumer. You receive a company or brand logo for each vehicle listing, complete contact information supplied on your vehicle listing. DP’s get a map to your dealership(s), custom web-page from which is strategically linked to a quick contact form and redirected back to your dealership. DP’s can post up to 40 pictures for each vehicle through our self-service program and also post a video of a sales person’s walk-around on that vehicle

Our Inventory Tool is also available with our Managed Services programs, which offer featured vehicles, bulk loading of vehicle inventory slide-show presentation, custom banner creation and/or inventory ad campaigns. Since the recent partnership with We Are BDC, has put together Social Networking Management packages especially for Dealer Partners. We encourage you to stop making the huge monthly investment to receive the same or better results we offer. New Dealer Partners can get connected for three (3) months and receive three (3) months for FREE!! That’s Six (6) months of service or 180 days to prove our point. We want the opportunity to show you the difference in current inventory marketing offered by the Big Boys and our aggressive team of Automotive Social Networking Specialist!


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Auto Industry Has Gone Social! via #constantcontact

Auto Industry Has Gone Social! via #constantcontact.

The excitement continues, more and more businesses are going social, the funny thing is that the Auto Industry has gone Social, yet many local dealers are not profiting from Social Networks, so my question to dealers is why?

We Are BDC has begun to help North & South Carolina local car dealers answer just that question.  Automotive Social Networking Management or ASNM is a series of virtual advertising methods that utilize online social network services and is implemented into your current web-based activity to help increase a Dealer’s web presence, actual website traffic, leads, virtual identity and opportunities to do business.


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RE: Dealership Website

I needed to mention that first to my readers and help them move beyond what may have already become an impossible or even expensive venture. I have been working with social and networking sites over last decade and in the last five years I have been implementing and testing a series of strategic processes and procedures designed and profitable for the Automotive Industry on a local dealer level. Today I want to bring to the attention of those who are or those who desire to utilize Social networking for business and need to see a return.


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